Hondo Creative is the fancy name for my agnostic creative consultancy. I specialize in strategy-led design and content development, with a focus on experiential environments and branding. My method of work is to take an analytic and strategic approach to creative, bridging the gap between business challenges, creative solutions and audience need, regardless of the media. My work includes branding, digital, experiential and everything in-between. I believe that good Design Strategy shouldn't be pigeon-holed, and that proper empathy for both audiences and businesses, coupled with a deep understanding of the design process, can create endlessly successful creative business solutions. 

In short: I'm a multidisciplinary creative, knowledgeable about contemporary and historical art, design and photography practices and aesthetics. I have extensive experience working with top designers, institutions and clients in various positions, including creative direction, art direction, styling, strategy, production and writing.

In long: I am interested in the convergence between design and pop-culture, and am determined to entice and convince even the biggest skeptics that design, is in fact, important. Formally trained as a Graphic Designer at Rochester Institute of Technology, somewhere along the line I switched gears from creating to observing and documenting. I then set my sights on a Master of Fine Arts in Design Criticism, graduating from the School of the Visual Arts in May 2010. I have been working as an eclectic chameleon ever since, applying my diverse skills to projects with Pentagram Design, Huge Inc. and Column Five among others. I have also co-authored a book, Typography Referenced, for Rockport Publishers, and have contributed to various sites including Complex Magazine.

In my free time you can find me lost in the back of a record or book store, researching things no one else cares about, or at a pop punk show, pontificating about current trends in furniture and fashion.




e. henderson.katie@gmail.com

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